Common problems and troubleshooting

For the problems found during use, please refer to the following troubleshooting methods:

* Cleaning: touch the machine with hand, slight vibration means the cleaning function is normal.
* Ultraviolet lamp: if the machine emits light in the dark, it means that the machine runs normally.
* LED light: The LED light is on after the machine starts means the machine runs normally. Wrong voltage will lead to adapter faults and then LED light won’t be on.
* Dampness in the machine: if the machine has the following issues, the machine may break down owing to dampness and rust.

(1). Yellow dirt at the bottom or inside the power jack

(2). Yellow dirt at the bottom of the lamp

(3). Verdigris inside the power jack of the machine

* Warning sound: the warning sound shows that the cover is not covered properly.

* Temperature: it is normal for the ultraviolet lamp to be warm.

* Cleaning sound: it is normal for the swing arm sensor to have vibration sound after the machine starts.

* Ultraviolet lamp: the machine should be operated under room temperature. Too low temperature may delay the lighting of the ultraviolet lamp, when this happens, plug in and unplug the adapter at interval of 10 seconds to excite the ultraviolet lamp. And then the ultraviolet lamp can return to normal after several tries.

1. Why are the contact lenses soaked in normal saline when leaving factory?

The normal saline has the osmotic pressure closest to that of human, without any allergy or irritation. The contact lens solution contains preservatives and long-time soaking in the contact lens solution will corrode the lenses and cause cracks on the lens, so it is not used.

2. Problems with rubbing cosmetic contact lenses

The contact lens is made of silica gel, which cannot be combined with pigments without chemical bonds. Scrub the cosmetic contact lenses and then the pigments will fade gradually. Soaking in the contact lens solution will cause the preservatives to stick on the lens pores, which will speed up lens aging.

3. How does the contact lens solution reduce the oxygen transmission rate of the lens?

The contact lens solution contains micromolecular preservatives, which can block and stick on the lens pores easily. Soaking the lens in the contact lens solution everyday will reduce the oxygen permeation rate of the lens and cause eye discomfort.

4. Can old lenses improve the degree of comfort?

The lenses will start to age and the lens will begin to crack after being soaked in the contact lens solution. Therefore, it is suggested to use new lenses with Lotus for cleaning, namely, new lenses should be cleaned with Lotus.

5. What are the effects of Lotus?

The contact lens solution can harm the cells in eyes, so people may feel uncomfortable when wearing lenses soaked in contact lens solution. Lotus and normal saline bring you refreshing sensation and comfort.

6. How does the ultraviolet light sterilize?

The ultraviolet light can break cell DNA and destroy the molecular structure of the lipoid without secondary infection to the lens after sterilization. Rinse lenses with normal saline and they can be worn immediately.

7. Why is the service life of the lens shortened after being soaked in contact lens solution?

The preservatives will stick on the lens after soaking in contact lens solution, which will decrease the oxygen permeation rate, damage the structure of the lens and thus shorten the service life. The most obvious is the time of comfortable wear becomes shorter.

8. Causes of increased eye dryness resulted from contact lens solution

All ophthalmologists in the world agree that the contact lens solution should not contact eyes directly, as healthy eyes need no chemicals. The oxygen permeation rate of the lens will decrease when blocked by preservatives, which leads to edema in the crystalline lens, eye discomfort and frequent eye dryness.

9. Why can Lotus improve dry eye?

High oxygen permeation rate of the lens, no contact with chemicals and good molecular structure of the lens alleviate dry eye when the contact lens solution is not used. The machine doesn’t have any therapeutic effect. 

10. How to use the machine?

*   Wash: wash dacryolin and oil stains on the lens with normal saline

*   Soaking: put the lens in the machine, wash the lens with whirlpool and sterilize it.

*   Rinse: take out the lenses and rinse the dirt off the lens with normal saline before wearing them.

11. If I use Lotus, do I need to change the lenses?

The lens will age naturally, but Lotus can delay the aging and extend the time for comfortable wear. However, the lenses should still be changed periodically.

12. How to clean dacryolin?

Take off the lenses, wash them immediately with normal saline and most of dacryolin can be washed away. The dacryolin is made of macromolecules, and is more difficult to stick on the fine lens pores. Only a few of people prone to easily cause dacryolin deposition should have the protein removed once two weeks.

13. Made of plastics, the cleaning cup seems not exquisite 

With the design philosophy of eco-friendly, healthy, safe and pollution free, the machine features small size, great portability, low noise and no harm to human.

Therefore, we adopts plastic and silica gel which can withstand over 130℃, instead of exquisite and less durable plastic. Lotus has been sold globally for more than 11 years and the customers keep using our products. We provide eco-friendly, non-toxic and affordable consumables to customers. We use materials with the best sterilizing effect on the market. Though it is not the most beautiful, it is best for your health. 

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