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International Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions concerning International orders with

Any order being shipped to a destination outside of our Worldwide shipping Center may be subject to incremental import duties and taxes that are levied and collected as a part of the International Handling Fee during Checkout. A summary of these charges will be included in the International Handling Fee line. The order total presented at Checkout will be the exact amount that you will be billed. There will not be any additional costs billed upon delivery or due as C.O.D. charges.


  • When placing an order with, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Charges for duties, taxes and the carrier's collection fee are in addition to your shipping charge and must be borne by you.

  • Some items sold on may require special handling as specified by federal, state and local regulations governing the transport of these items; therefore, the shipment of some products to certain locations may not be possible.

  • Please allow additional delivery time for orders with a shipping destination outside of Our Wordwide Shipping Center.

  • All prices on are shown in U.S. dollars (USD). The price is exclusive of any import duties, taxes and shipping charges. Such fees will be calculated at the time of Checkout.

  • If you have any questions concerning your order and you currently live outside of Taiwan, you must contact us via e-mail here. We do not currently offer a phone number for International inquiries. Please contact us via email and we will be glad to assist you.

By ordering goods from this website, I hereby authorize a licensed customs broker chosen by the operator of the website to act as my agent and to transact business with the applicable border services agency to clear my merchandise, and account for applicable duties and taxes.

We do not accept Bill Me Later for International Orders.


Transportation Time
Countries & working days 

America & Eurpoe Days   Asia & Pacific Days   South America & Africa Days
Armenia 5~7   Australia 3~4   Argentina 5~6
Austria 4~5   Bahrain 3~4   Bolivia 5~6
Azerbaijan 5~7   Bhutan 4~6   Brazil 4~5
Belarus 5~7   Brunei 3~4   Chile 4~6
Belgium 4~5   Cambodia 3~5   Colombia 4~5
Bulgarian 5~7   China 3~7   Costa Rica 5~11
Canada 4~5   Fiji 3~5   Ecuador 5~7
Czech Republic 5~7   Guam 4~5   Egypt 4~5
Denmark 4~5   Hong Kong 1~2   El Salvador 5~11
England 4~5   India 4~5   Ghana 6~7
Estonia 5~11   Indonesia 3~4   Guatemala 5~6
Finland 4~5   Iran 5~7   Honduras 5~6
France 4~5   Israel 4~5   Ivory Coast 4~6
Georgia 5~7   Japan 2~3   Jamaica 6~7
Germany 4~5   Jordan 3~4   Kenya 5~6
Greece 4~5   Korea 2~3   Madagascar 8~9
Hawaii 4~5   Kuwait 3~4   Mauritius 5~6
Hungary 5~7   Laos 4~5   Mexico 5~6
Ireland 4~5   Macao 1~2   Nigeria 5~6
Italy 6~7   Malaysia 2~3   Panama 6~12
Kazakhstan 5~7   New Zealand 3~4   Paraguay 14~16
Latvia 5~7   Oman 3~4   Peru 5~7
Lithuania 5~7   Pakistan 6~7   Puerto Rico 4~5
Luxembourg 4~5   Papua New Guinea 4~5   South Africa 4~5
Malta 4~6   Philippines 3~5   Tanzania 5~6
Moldova 5~7   Qatar 3~4   Togo 5~7
Netherlands 4~5   Saudi Arabia 3~4   Uruguay 4~6
Norway 4~5   Singapore 2~3   Venezuela 5~7
Of Cyprus 3~4   Solomon Islands 4~6      
Poland 4~6   Sri Lanka 4~5      
Portugal 4~5   Syria 4~5      
Romania 5~7   Taiwan 1~2      
Russia 5~7   Thailand 3~4      
Slovakia 5~7   Turkey 4~5      
Slovenia 5~7   United Arab Emirates 3~4      
Spain 3~5   Vietnam 3~5      
Sweden 4~5   Yemen 6~7      
Switzerland 4~5            
Ukraine 5~7            
United States 4~5            
Uzbekistan 5~7            

Payment Methods

We currently accept Paypal for International orders, We do not accept Bill Me Later for International Orders.

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